Liveness, as discussed in HCI and in media studies, focuses on an intriguing and beloved experiential quality that can influence new forms of video applications. We suggest a shift from accounts of liveness in “events” to liveness in ambient media for home décor by designing a system called TransLive that exploits the “magic” of mediatizing the “now” at a distant and cherished place. We present an interview study including four families, who experienced the system for two weeks each in a concept apartment setting. It shows how immediacy and unpredictability provide compelling experiences. Authenticity and engagement, which are previously considered as inherent qualities in live media, instead occur in the context of use. Finally, the experience of transcendence triggered by slow and continuous video streams open up a new design space of liveness. Thus, not only do we take inspiration from liveness theory, but we also need to redefine it.
Wang, J., Mughal, M. and Juhlin, O.
Published in: 
Proceedings of TVx 2015, Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - 01:45