Social Dance Games
Movement based interaction is a growing field especially within games, such as the Nintendo Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360. However, designing for movement-based interaction is a challenging task in mobile settings. Our approach is to use context design for designing such games and in this paper we present the experiences from a workshop targeting the design of social full-body dance games. The workshop explores how movement based games can be supported by social interaction and external influences (in particular music and beats) in addition to the sensing and feedback capabilities of a limited device, to create a complete and engaging experience. Although basing our design on an existing device, our focus is on the context of its use rather than its functionalities, to encourage an engaging behavior. Findings from this first workshop form the basis for a design exercise where we suggest
Márquez Segura, E., Johansson, C., Moen, J. & Waern, A.
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Presented at Work-in-Progress Workshop at TEI 2011, Madeira, Portugal
Saturday, January 1, 2011 - 00:00